Kinderopvang t'Kasteel Muurschilderij & Stratego speel

Working as Fleur van den Berg's (artist) assistant for several years, supporting her in the process of her own creations, I had the chance to participate in this project, which consisted of decorating a container used as storage for the t'Kasteel school. Fleur developed the concept, together with the children, of a modern version of the 'Land of Cockaigne' (Luilekkerland), which I translated into an illustration filled with the descriptions of the children. The wall is not only an illustration but also a game board that must be played together with cards in order to travel through the landscape.

Land of Cockaigne Anno 2011


The children of the 't Kasteel Trigon worked together with Charlotte Provot and Fleur van den Berg on a 'DreamGameWall'. It leaded to a contemporary land of Cockaigne.


The story of the land of Cockaigne is one that has roots centuries ago and often talks about pleasure and temptations. Sometimes it refers to an up side down world or mentions tales of lies but the story always evolves with it's time. So it does here. The children dream of money, candies, phones, computers, swimming, dancing and games. Next to the classical elements of the legend like the rice mountain and the fountain of youth, there are places like 'Slimsalabim' where you can acquire knowledge without having to learn.


Come play in the land of Cockaigne!

The paint job was done by both Fleur and I, and occasional assistance.

Card game developed to play together with the game wall:

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