Drug Awareness Campaign - Personal project

The idea behind this project was to start a drug awareness campaign amongst young people. Not so much a prevention campaign, but more an informational one on a neutral basis, because the usage of drugs is becoming more and more frequent from an early age. I believe that the knowledge of the chemical process inside the user's body, both on a short and a long term effect, is ignored by many. To know this process is first of all purely interesting from a scientific perspective, but more practically can prepare one to all the possible outcomes, so to have no unexpected consequences if one decides to take it anyway. The idea was to bring the information in a light and fun way so that the target doesn't feel judged and develops an aversion towards the facts, but rather becomes fully conscious of his/her choice.


Upon my research for this project I came across the term 'drugology' which focuses more on the 'know how' than on moralities, which I found most suitable for the project and therefore decided to name it after it. The term 'drugology' is one defined in the urban dictionary as:


"The science that studies the effects of drugs on people and how to use all recreational drugs safely.

It is the basic founding principle of this science that all drugs can be used safely if you know how to use them and that all drig deaths,overdoses ect. came about because of not knowing how to use them. It is a counterculture science and was founded by counterculture academics."

Here are close ups of the infographic I made, where molecules are personified and take a journey throughout the body and the brain:

Next to the more classical approach of reaching children in schools with an infographic, I wanted to reach a more specific target of users by triggering their curiosity on the spot, that is places where drugs are likely to be taken, ie. in a coffeeshop (in the Netherlands), in the toilets of clubs and bars, etc. Which is why I created props that I could place on these spots, using sentences that, again, don't judge but try to attract the attention.


Here are some examples:

These are packages of filters/tipi's with different reasons one could have to smoke a joint on that particular moment. The idea behind is not to stop people from smoking but force them to be aware of the state of mind in which they are at that moment and which they choose to solve by smoking a joint.

A more direct way are these stickers that mimic usage behaviors with a sentence that makes you curious about what lies behind this link/site.

Under drugs I don't only mean hard drugs but anything that alters one's state of being and physical behavior, under which alcohol is a big one. Though accepted by society it's true biological effects remain highly ignored amongst most. For that purpose I designed stickers that can be pasted on coasters: